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Book A Video Camera To Record Your Match

Would you like your match recorded? Would you like access to the training tools that can help your players improve and see the game from a whole new perspective? Book one of our Veo cameras to record your match. These cameras are available for Mackey park only to be collected from the club house prior to your match. You will also gain access to post game analysis software that will not only be able to share the entire match to those who were not able to attend but provide your players with a new look at the game they were in. Help them to identify other opportunities of play or simply celebrate the great moments from the match in a highlight reel.

Once you have booked your camera then take a look at the Veo site to learn how to operate the camera and record your match. The following Veo site shows the easiest way to connect and recoed footage Veo Web App

At the completion of the match return the camera and tripod back to the clubhouse.