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CDSFA COVID-19 Communiqe

CDSFA COVID-19 Communiqe 1920 2560 Marrickville Football Club

Please see the below communication sent out from the Canterbury District Soccer Football Association providing all members with an update on the current COVID-19 status.

15 July 2020, 10:27am

Dear Members

I am writing to you on behalf of the Board in relation to two matters which are of some significance to our competition.

No doubt you, like the Board, have been observing the community contamination surrounding the Crossroads Hotel at Casula with some concern.

Last weekend our competitions were impacted for the first time by COVID-19 issues.  A group of our players who had an association with a person that has tested positive for COVID-19 have now required testing and have entered a period of self-isolation.  There will be an impact upon the competition in that division because that team cannot play for the next two weeks.

So again we must implore that you ensure that your players and officials adhere to the protocols.  Maintain social distancing.  Do not share drinks. Wash hands regularly with warm soapy water and use hand sanitiser.  Do not mix with strangers.  It is impossible to know what contact they may have had with others.

A positive test in any of our age groups or divisions will have a very significant impact upon that competition.  Accordingly we need to do everything within our power of control to ensure that we maintain the protocols at all times with a view to minimising the risk of infection at all times.

We have waited a very long time to resume the competition.  We have only played two rounds.  We do not want to have our competitions impacted upon by individuals who have not observed the protocols.

We appreciate that as club administrators there is only so much that you can do. We thank you for what you have already done and ask that you maintain the message week to week until we get to the end of our season.

The second issue that I must write to you about is the possibility of disruption to this weekend’s fixtures as a consequence of the weather.

The Board resolved on Monday evening that if 50% of the grounds are closed on the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) that the entire round will be abandoned.  It will not be possible to play midweek or double header catch-up games at the level required in order to play all of those fixtures.  The fairest approach is to simply abandon the round.

There are only two exceptions to that current ruling.  They are the BBC and the All Age Women’s 1 Competitions.  If their rounds are abandoned we will accommodate them by playing midweek fixtures.

We trust that we have your understanding in relation to these potential weather issues.

On behalf of the Board, stay safe, play hard but play fair.


Armando Gardiman AM, Chairman