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Welcome to the Managers page. Here we pull together as much information as we can to help you perform the role of Team Manager. Firstly, thank you for taking on the role, we appreciate it. Without people like yourselves our club would fail to exist.

Interested in being a Manager?


Manager nomination

Nominate or be nominated as the Manager for your team at the start of the season.

Please note: Coaching childrens teams require a current working with childrens check with Service NSW.


Register at Play Football

Start your registration by visiting and registering to be a Manager on the Play Football website. Find our club here.


Manage your team and stay informed

Make yourself familiar with Manager duties with the information below.

A Managers typical week


Day off


  • Update TeamStuff
  • Confirm player attendance
  • Speak to Age Coordinator if short
  • Last day to return weekends match sheet
  • Book alternative kit (if required)


Day off


  • Fixtures can change as late as Wednesday
  • Check player attendance and chase


Check wet weather


  • Check wet weather
  • Match sheet and Match ball (if home team)
  • Referees money (U10 upwards)
  • Wear officials vest
  • Complete match sheet
  • Keep track of score
  • Sign match sheet
  • Pay the Officials
  • Text results to Club